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The Hoop Anchor (Patent Pending)

The “Hoop Anchor” is a unique solution for anchoring portable basketball hoops to the ground.  It was invented as an alternative to adding extra weight to the base of portable basketball hoops.   The Hoop Anchor system consists of two (17 inch) anchoring screws, pole stabilizing collar, heavy-duty base strap with safety snap hooks, and a black heavy-duty pole to anchors strap with safety snap hooks.  This easy to assemble anchoring system provides 200 lbs of additional resistance to your basketball hoop.   There is an option to add an additional resistance strap, which increases the resistance to an amazing 400lbs.  

Not only does this solution provide peace of mind on a windy day, but it also looks great!   The black straps match the base of the basketball hoop and the gold safety hooks ensure that the straps don’t come loose.

The one of a kind stabilizing collar prevents the basketball hoop from moving forward and helps to stabilize the pole which reduces movement while playing.

This product is made with the highest quality parts and is built to last.  Please note that this product absolutely should not  be anchored to cement, asphalt, rocks, sandy ground, or any loose type of ground.

Hoop AnchorHoop Anchor

Hoop Anchor

Hoop Anchor

One size fits all poles (Round or Square)