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The #1 way to prevent your portable basketball hoop from falling over – Starting at $39.99


It’s just a matter of time before this happens to you (or maybe not)!

It’s no secret that portable basketball hoops tip over in the wind.  Drive through any neighborhood on a windy day and you will find one on the ground.  For years, people have been putting sandbags, rocks,  and everything else they can find in their garage on top of the base to try and prevent them from falling over.  Unfortunately, most of the time the extra weight doesn’t work or just looks really bad.


The solution

The Hoop Anchor is a patented solution that takes the worry out of owning a portable basketball hoop and keeps your home looking classy.   What we learned while testing and designing this product. (Note: The Hoop Anchor includes everything you need in one kit)

 Straps and Hooks:

  • Must have spring snap hooks instead of open S-hoops
    • Locks hook in place and prevents it from coming loose during storms.
    • The same type of hooks climbers uses to prevent safety harnesses from coming off.
  • Must be safety rated with a break strength to resist the force.
  • Must be made of a material that will not deteriorate in the different weather elements (snow, rain, ice, etc..)
  • Snap hooks must be angled to prevent straps from rubbing and deteriorating.

Pole collar (Strap collar that attaches to the pole to secure the pole to the base and ground):

  • A collar to secure the pole to the ground is critical.
    • Prevents rocking during a wind storm which puts extra stress on the securing system.
    • Prevents the portable hoop from moving and sliding out of the base straps.
  • The only way to secure the portable basketball hoop vertically.


3-Point Harness Straps (Secures the pole to the base and the ground:

  • The 3-point securing process provides max resistance and prevents the hoop from moving and shaking.
  • Provides equal pressure on all points of connection and creates a triangle of stability.
  • Anchors the portable basketball hoop vertically.

Base strap:

  • Must have spring snap hooks to keep the strap locked in place.
  • A cambuckle is critical to locking the strap down and keeping it from loosening during storms.
  • High-grade strapping material and double stitching is critical to withstand the force and weather.

The complete solution (Black straps and gold hooks for the clean and classy look):

Includes everything you need (No tools needed – 15 minutes to install):

  • Collar strap
  • Base strap
  • 3-point Harness
  • Ground Anchors

The Hoop Anchor system is specifically designed to be the most effective way to prevent a portable basketball hoop from tipping over.  The straps are custom made to our specifications with high-grade material and snap-hooks that are rated to withstand the forces and last through the harsh elements.

No tools are required to install your Hoop Anchor (15 minutes to install).   Once you set up your Hoop Anchor, you will have peace of mind and not have to worry again.   You can trust the Hoop Anchor system as it was specifically designed and custom made for securing portable basketball hoops.

This post is from Hoop Anchor inc.   We are not an affiliate marketer, we are the owners of this product and stand (Sometimes hang) by our product.

What is an affiliate marketer:  Someone who recommends a product and provides a link to buy.  They receive revenue if you buy based on clicking through their link.  You will know they are an affiliate by looking at their disclaimer on the bottom of their website or they will have a spot on their website explaining their affiliation.

When it comes to securing your hoop, you need to have the safest and best solution.  We hope that you choose Hoop Anchor as we are the experts who tested, designed, and patented the best product to secure portable basketball hoops.

Best regards,

Alan Hurley




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