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The answer you've been looking for..

 How to finally get the junk off of your portable basketball hoop...


The HOOP ANCHOR (Patent Pending)

Throw away the rocks and sandbags

It's time for your yard to look nice again!!

Easy to install and in 15 minutes your hoop can look like this....

Clean, Safe and Classy

Hoop Anchor

**New Design**
One size fits all hoops (Round and Square Poles)

Equal to adding 200 lbs to the base
15 Minutes
 to install (no tools required)

Buy Now Only $39.99

ONLY way to anchor your Portable Basketball Hoop.

The SAFE way to anchor your Basketball Hoop.

NEVER WORRY about your Hoop again.

Comes With:
  • Anchor Screws:  17 inch long anchors (QTY=2)
  • Collar Strap: Universal pole collar strap (One size fits all Round and Square poles)
  • Base Strap:  Heavy duty strap with safety snap hooks that won't break or come loose.
  • Pole to anchor strap: Heavy duty strap with safety snap hooks to lock the pole.
Hoop Anchor

Buy Now Only $39.99


Before Hoop Anchor
Does you Basketball Hoop look like this?

Have you put everything, but the KITCHEN SINK on your basket

Do you worry about your hoop blowing over when it's windy?
Do you worry about it falling on your cars?
Costly to repair or replace...


If you answered yes to these questions...it's time to protect your investment and purchase the "Hoop Anchor"

EASY to INSTALL (15 minutes until you have peace of mind)
**No Tools Required**

Once you install this product your portable basketball hoop isn't going anywhere!  

Not only does this solution provide peace of mind on a windy day, but it also looks great!

Buy Now Only $39.99

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