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The Most Secure Solution for Your Portable Basketball Hoop

How Hoop Anchor Changes The Game

My name is Alan Hurley, owner and creator of the revolutionary Hoop Anchor system.  I purchased my first portable basketball hoop system for my children back in 2011.  Like many, I believed that sandbags and some water in the base would be enough to secure my hoop.  After a stormy evening and a destroyed basketball hoop, I vowed to create a solution that would allow me to secure my hoop and sleep soundly knowing my hoop would not fall victim to a wild storm.  Armed with some spare anchors and bungie cords, the first iteration of the Hoop Anchor system was born! Never again would my portable basketball hoop fall victim to any storm!

Today, the Hoop Anchor system has changed greatly from that first design using bungie cords.  When you buy a Hoop Anchor, you are buying top of the line quality you can not find in any store.  Our system is patented because we source the best quality straps and anchors, rated to provide the most protection and security to your basketball hoop.  No other method or store bought products can do the same!  Our unique system is rated to add over 250 pounds to your basketball hoop with a simple and elegant strap and anchor solution.  We are a family company that takes the customer and quality to heart.  Our promise to you is that every product is made with the highest quality parts and that every customer is treated like family.  Our goal is to exceed all of your expectations.