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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Hoop Anchor™ work on a square pole?
Yes, Hoop Anchor™ is a universal product that works on round and square poles of all sizes.   No need to measure. 

Why Snap Hooks?
A regular open hook can come off during play or a windy day.  Without the hooks and straps safely secured the Hoop Anchor™ system will not work.   We use snap safety hooks to ensure that the hooks never come loose. Once the snap hook is in place it will not come off unless you decide to remove it by depressing the spring-loaded safety snap. 

Can I buy the Hoop Anchor™ system in a store?
Not yet.  The Hoop Anchor system is only available for purchase from this website. 

Can I buy just the straps in a store?
No, the straps are custom designed and made for the Hoop Anchor™ system.  The strap is a special-grade material that is designed to prevent the strap from weakening from the outside elements (sun, rain, snow, ice, etc.).
The hooks on the end are spring safety snap hooks.  The same types of hooks used in harness systems to ensure that once they are clipped on they don’t come off. 

How much is the weight resistance?
The system is equivalent to adding 250 pounds to the base. 

Do I still need to have water or sand in the base?
Yes, the Hoop Anchor™ system isn’t a replacement for the manufactures standard design.   The base should be filled according to the manufactures specifications.   The Hoop Anchor™ system is an additional safety product that helps keep the portable basketball hoop base in place by adding 250 extra pounds of resistance.

When will my order ship?
We ship orders either the same day or within one day.  If for any reason we are out of stock we will contact you and advise a ship date. 

Is it hard to install?
No, it is very easy to install.  You simply screw the anchors into the ground, strap the collar around the pole, snap the straps onto the hooks, and tighten.   No tools are required for installation.  Our customers say that it only takes about 15 minutes to install. 

Why should I buy this product?
There are many reasons to purchase a Portable Basketball Hoop Anchor™ system.   The main concern that people have when making the decision to purchase a portable basketball hoop is the potential for the hoop tipping over.   The concern is if the system will tip over on the kids during play or what happens during a wind storm.   There is a good reason for this concern as there are many stories about hoops that have fallen on cars during wind storms. If you drive around your neighborhood you will see that many people try to reduce the risk by placing heavy rocks, sandbags, and everything else they can find on the base of the hoop.  Also, you will notice how cluttered the yard looks with a variety of junk piled up on their basketball hoop.  Also, notice that there is now a risk of the kids getting hurt if they fall on what is on the back of the hoop or try to climb it. The Hoop Anchor™ System was invented to anchor the portable hoop the right way.   It adds an additional 250 pounds of resistance to the base and does it in a way that matches the design of the hoop.   Once installed you will think it is just part of the portable basketball hoop.   Your yard will look nice again and you won’t have to worry about your hoop again!